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Ivoryresearch.co.uk website

Product Name: Ivory Research Writing Services

Product Description: Writing services: essays, courseworks, dissertations, personal statements, reports, editing / proofreading and other writing services.

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Ivory Research was established in 2005. Since then it became #1 UK-based academic research company that provides various writing assignments from essays to dissertations.

Any paper you order from Ivory Research will be completed by the writer with the relevant experience and qualifications.

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As you may have already noticed there are quite a few writing services in the market. However, not all of them are as good as Ivory Research. This platform is one of the most top rated writing services and it offers you all the features you might need.

We put together the best Ivory research review that you will find so you know what you can expect from this writing service. With this website you can get any type of essay in just the deadline you need. It is one of the most popular essay writing services among students from all academic levels.

But let’s see what you can get from using Ivory research website and whether it is the best choice for you!

Why Is Ivory Research A Great Choice

The website of this platform is very user-friendly and you can rely on it in all its aspects. Plus, behind the Ivory research website there is a team of experts that will help all customers find the writing services they need.

This website can help all students find essays for all their classes as well as other types of papers. The writers at Ivory research are very communicative with the customers so they can offer the best results to any type of request.

There are no delays when it comes to meeting the deadline you set for your paper. The website allows you to choose any type of deadline from just a few hours to several days in order to get the best paper for your needs and expectations. On top of this, you will love the fact that all the work you receive from Ivory research is plagiarism free. You will never have to worry about the authenticity of your paper.

These are only the most obvious reasons why Ivory research is the best choice for students looking to find a great writing service online. But lets dive into the details that you might be curious about so you know exactly what type of services you invest your money into!

Ivory Research Services

Ivory research is one of those writing service platforms that comes with all the tools you need to get the paper you want. And you can use Ivory research to get any type of paper at the best quality on the market. Let’s take a look at a couple of writing services they offer:

Literature review

Ivoryresearch writers will offer you the best review based on the specifications you add to your order. Regardless of the type of literature review you have to write, you can be 100% sure of the quality.

Reflective reports

Let’s say you have an impressive list of reflective reports to cover. In this case Ivory research will help you complete the task in the deadline you have set for a very good price. Give the writers all the information needed and you will have your project completed by the deadline you established.


Writing a bibliography by following a certain format can be challenging. The writers at Ivory research however, can cover that in a matter of hours. So, this is one of those orders you can place on a short deadline and be sure they will get done properly.

Free revisions

Ivory research also offers free revisions. Once you receive your paper, you have ten days to read it and review it. In these ten days you can ask for any modifications you might want to get your project to a perfect format. Once the ten days period is over, your order will be considered final and therefore, you will not be able to make any more changes to it.

No grammar or writing mistakes

One important feature that comes with this writing service is impeccable grammar. Your paper will be written perfectly and there will be no mistakes in it. The expert writers on this platform will review it carefully before they submit it to you and they will make sure it is edited and proofread to the highest academic standards.

All academic levels

And speaking of academic levels, it is important to know that Ivory research covers them all. All the writers at Ivory research have a degree in their field so you can rely on the final quality of their work. There are different academic levels available as well for all types of topics. So, you have the opportunity to choose just the right academic level for you.

How To Use IvoryResearch.co.uk

Using Ivoryresearch.co.uk is fairly easy as well. You get all the guidance you need to receive the type of writing service you are after. Before we introduce you to the steps that you need to follow to place your order, you need to know that it is not necessary to create an account. However, making your account will definitely help you ease the ordering process.

You can create an Ivory account in seconds

You have the option to create your Ivory research account by using your Facebook or Google account. This will save you time and you can move on to completing the order form faster. On the other hand, you can just jump on the order page and your account will be created when you add your information and submit your payment.

Complete the order form

The platform offers you a step by step guidance in this process. To get a quote, you will have to add your type of project meaning the paper you need to be written, the academic level as well as subject, number of words, deadline and reference style. Make sure to include any other details you might think are useful for the writer. If you don’t have a title set for your paper, you can work with the writer at Ivory research to get to the best option.

You can also choose the writer level you want to work with. For instance, there are basic, advanced or top rated writers according to their experience and skills. Equally, if you want to work with the same writer you worked with before, you can choose this option as well.

Make the payment

Once you completed the order form you can review the details you added and proceed to the payment page. Ivory research offers you the option to pay directly with your credit card or use Paypal or Sagepay. Your payment will be processed in a matter of minutes and a writer will start working on your task as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that you will initially pay a deposit and not the entire amount. It can be difficult to establish the right price for your paper from only completing the order form. This is why you will have to cover only a deposit at first and pay the full amount when your paper is accepted by a writer. If there is no free writer to cover your project, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

Review your paper

You’ll be notified when your paper is done. All the papers you get from Ivory research will come in a Microsoft Word format. However, you can also ask for a different format according to your needs.You can also request it printed for an additional fee.

You can ask for any changes you want for free the first ten days after you received your paper. There is also the option to extend this time frame but it comes with a fee attached to it.

Get in touch with customer service

The customer service of this platform is impressive and very efficient. As soon as you open the site you notice that there is a live chat, a contact form and also a Whatsapp that you can use in order to get the support you need. Choose the contact option that you feel most comfortable with and make the best out of it so you have the professional paper you aim for. You would not have to wonder too much as the site of this writing service offers you all the answers you need. There is also a complex FAQs section with the most common questions that might cross your mind.

All your interactions with the customer support team are anonymous so your information will not get to any third party.

Price And Discounts

When it comes to the price you will have to pay for your paper, there are many variables. Ivory research offers different prices for different types of projects. If you need your paper to be completed in a short deadline, you will have to expect a higher cost. However, if you plan your investment ahead of time, the price will be cheaper.

There are also ways to receive significant discounts. For instance if you purchased four papers from this platform already, the fifth one will come with a 15% discount. Also, if you order three papers at once you get a 15% discount as well. And, if you order nine papers from Ivory research, you get a free paper of up to 2000 words!

Once you get your paper you have ten days to request any changes to it for free. If you need to extend this period to 20 days, there is a 5% fee to cover. Likewise, if you need to extend it to 50 days, you will have to pay a 10% fee. You can also ask for an unlimited changes period for a 15% fee.

Extending this time for full dissertations will cost between 5% extra charge for one month and 20% extra charge for four months.

Money Back Policy

There is a very advantageous money back guarantee policy that you can certainly use. With this policy you can get a refund of 100%, 70% or 50%.

You will get a full refund if your payment encountered issues such as you paid more or if there was no free writer to pick up your work. You also get a full refund if your paper is not ready within the deadline you established when you completed the order form. For the 70% refund you have to cancel your order when not more than half of the deadline time passed. If you want to cancel it after this time frame, you will be eligible for a 50% refund.

Getting a refund is not possible if you paid with a discount or if you already approved the paper. At the same time, if you requested a revision of your paper you will not be able to get a refund for it. This policy applies to dissertation papers as well as other types of essays.

Also, you can’t request a refund for VAT money or money in your store credit balance. The refund policy doesn’t apply to assignments with multiple choice questions or any work that doesn’t respect the terms and conditions policy.

If you think that you need a refund, it is best to get in touch with the support team of this site. They will help you identify the type of help you need and grant it to you in the shortest time. All the representatives of this site have the experience they need to assist you in the best way possible.

Final Verdict

Ivory research is the best writing service in UK as it covers all types of academic levels at a professional standard. All you have to do is access the ivoryresearch.co.uk website and follow the instructions. You will get the best essay writing service for the most convenient price on the market. If you check the reviews of this platform online, you will be pleased to discover that they are extremely positive. And we tested all their features to make sure this research website is just what a student needs to get excellent assignment work with no hassle.

This platform has some of the best types of ratings as it offers all the support a student needs to be successful. Get your assignment done with no stress!

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